Reindeer Babes at V*tamin

Reindeer Babes at V*tamin  P104015511

Ready for the upcoming season, Nancy Lou will be working at the second Fragrance Library, which is going to be opening in Sanlitun North Village (there is already one in the south). This is an American novelty perfume brand with scents such as dirt, tootsie roll, and tomato paste.

Reindeer Babes at V*tamin  P10401651

Here is Wing, also wearing the same reindeer print from Japanese brand Mercibeaucoup. They were at the V*tamin fashion show which showed off the wares of over 40 retailers, including Liu Jo, Eldi, and others with shops in Sanlitun Village. This giant mall development occupying much of Sanlitun is the most fashionable shopping center in Beijing and a key promenade for stylish youth.

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