Shanghaiese Tourist 上海游客

shanghai-jessica-girl  Shanghaiese Tourist 上海游客 shanghai jessica girl1

I dislike surprises and like when people and things are as I expect them to be. She is a Shanghai girl and this is how I would expect a “Shanghai girl in Beijing” to look.

Recently, many journalists have asked me whether Beijing has a distinct style and how I would describe it. I see the style of the city as evolving rather than having entirely crystalized. The young people I photograph, or at least the ones whose looks I prefer, are definitely pursuing a specific style. Speaking very generally, Beijing shoots for a more rugged, bohemian and creative style, whereas Shanghai aims to be sophisticated, chic, and worldly. This reflects this overall spirit of the two cities. Shanghai and Beijing are perpetually compared and have a competitive relationship, though what they offer is really completely different.

我不喜欢感觉惊讶, 而是希望人和事都跟我想象的一样.她是个上海女孩,而且跟我想象中的”上海女孩在北京"的样子差不多.


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