Shenzhen Girl up for 东方神起 Concert

dior-photos-116-of-245  Shenzhen Girl up for 东方神起 Concert dior photos 116 of 2451

Sometimes I like to just throw in something random. I had to check out what was causing all the traffic around the Worker’s Stadium this past Saturday. It was a concert of a Korean band called “东方神起” (can’t seem to find the English) and the two blocks around the northern entrance to the stadium was filled with young vendors selling cheap souvenirs and other youths laying waste to the area with the packaging of those souvenirs as well as half-consumed junk food.

Up here just to witness it was this young high school student who hopes to be a graphic designer. Her first time in Beijing, she is staying for a week. Visiting with two home friends, she does not have friends or relatives in the capital. She describes Beijing as less developed than her home town, citing the lack of a glass wall between the platform and the tracks on several of the older subway lines. She has not made the half-hour (but special authorization requiring) journey to Hong Kong. So far in Beijing she has visited Xidan and Nanluoguxiang, and much prefers the former.

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