Supercolab x Hard

Organized by my friends Dion and Queenie, this event next Saturday (11/13) at D-Lounge is a collaboration between two cities: Beijing and Tokyo.

下周六的Supercolab x Hard活动在D-Lounge是个东京和北京的创意合作:

From Supercolab:

“When: November, 13th, Saturday. 22:00~04:00
Where: D- Lounge, Sanlitun South, Near The Bookworm.
Dress Code: Narcissistic.
Cost: 50rmb

门票仅仅50元,但是记得一定要精心打扮一番再来哦~!朝阳区工体北路4号(65937710 ),22:00,门票50

The first in a series of collaborations between Beijing and Tokyo. Featuring six of the hottest DJ’s from Tokyo. Infamous for the contributions in modern Tokyo, having worked with Boys Noize, Kitsune, Tippple Nippples, m-flo, 80Kidz. Described as the architects of tokyo nightlife, heralded as some of the best. Notorious for their parties and for their music. A night not to be missed, a night of Tokyo in Beijing, so dirty Diplo would be jealous.

Supercolab x Hard supercolabflyer11

We back, we go HARD.
HARD永远是东京夜生活神话的缔造者。 2006年,YATT一手缔造了东京潮趴鼻祖“LINDA”。从那以后,一众天才晚辈如Yulia,Boys Noize,Kitsune、Trippple Nippples、m-flo、80kidz等便在此扎根,偷师学艺。经过了另一高峰期“MEAT”之后,YATT与SoccerBoy、Galbitch、 Kan Takahiko、NGTK组成了“HARD”。 东京的派对动物们对HARD的朝拜就像虔诚的基督徒亲吻上帝的脚趾。HARD自然也是不负众望,它可以在同一个夜晚带领其信徒在东京最潮俱乐部Le Baron纸醉金迷,而下一秒却能够在涩谷的某条偏僻小街里用他们的音乐掀翻整条巷道。

Nothing is set at SUPERCOLAB, everything is malleable and open to change, it is a pure collaboration between two cities, and the artists.”

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