Boys at Izzue

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Photos&Text: Suzy
At Izzue FW 2011, the show was terrific, the music great and the ladies very lovely. But the gents were particularly well-dressed. We know that the art of adding a little detail to a suit-and-shirt combo can bring an edge to any outfit, creating personal style. I found some who have developed this sartorial skill almost to perfection and really don’t need much presentation. Enjoy!

Boys at Izzue jonathan web1

Jonathan Su is a marketing specialist and knows how to combine casual and classy elements in this outfit.

Boys at Izzue adam1 web1

Adam is a regular on Stylites and later rocked his poet shirt and striped necktie (?) during the performance of Queen Sea Big Shark

Boys at Izzue jeffrey web1

Another regular on the site – Jeffrey was perfectly elegant as usual.

Boys at Izzue chi zhang web1

Designer Chi Zhang ditched his shirt for a low V-neck and wore it with an assymetrically embroidered jacket from his own collection.

Boys at Izzue charlie web1

Charlie is a designer himself and works as a media PR for fashion photographer Joy Island.

Boys at Izzue leo web11

Finally, this mystery leo-lover reminds me of a famous actor, I just can’t quite put a finger on his name.

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