The HUB Moves to Shanghai

The HUB edition 5 The HUB Moves to Shanghai The HUB Moves to Shanghai The HUB edition 5

If you’ve been in China for any significant amount of time, you should be sick of discussions comparing Beijing and Shanghai. And of course Hong Kong can also creep in. Which city is the best, most fun, most stylish, least fake, etc., etc.? I borrow the answer of my friend Charlie Ducane, who says “the ideal Chinese city runs like Hong Kong, is peopled by Beijingers, and looks like Shanghai.” Beijing has rockstars, artists, and their admirers. Shanghai has beautiful art deco buildings and tree-lined streets. Hong Kong is efficient.

When it comes to which one is the fashion capital, there’s also lively debate. My friend Tim Parent analyzes this question in this article for Business of Fashion. The HUB founders Peter Caplowe and Richard Hobbs, with quite a bit of input from me – I’ve been working with Asia’s leading fashion trade fair for nearly two years – have decided to put their bets with Shanghai now after four shows in Hong Kong.

Shanghai simply has a density of fashion events that no other city in China can claim. With Shanghai Fashion Week and trade fairs On Time, Moda, Shanghai Showroom, and, as of this past March, CHIC, the city just has the most happening at one time. It may have quite a lot of time to go before it is truly international, both in terms of brands and buyers, but the city is what most turn for local fashion. The HUB will take place from October 13 to 15 at Central Studios on Huangpi Road, a seven minute walk from the main Fashion Week venue at Xintiandi.

It will be a boutique event with around 40 mostly Western brands. Exhibiting will be Aijek, Bleach Project, Boy London, Capitale Nord, Chrysalis, Dienastie, Flying Zacchinis, Fox Umbrellas, Jack Moran, JUMA, Luxe Deluxe, Node, Rack and Ruin, Spellbound, Swims, Tom Smarte and local favorite Zhang Chi among others.

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