To Scholarly Lengths

To Scholarly Lengths china auto pictorial1

Yesterday I had a special, somewhat amusing, street fashion assignment for China Auto Pictorial, China’s largest automobile magazine. My accomplice in this dark mission was this editor of the magazine’s lifestyle section.


She does not support China becoming another Auto Kingdom like the US. Not only does she not have a car – she can’t even drive! In fact, she might be the first Chinese luddite that I’ve met. She dislikes technology and only succumbed to cellphones a couple years ago. Her home is a beautiful old courtyard, which is unfortunately likely to be demolished over the next couple of years. Like me, she dislikes high rises.

Her unconventionality and transgressiveness go even further. Apparently her fan is also about two inches longer than the length suitable for women. Hers is the length of a scholar’s fan.



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