Travelling: Vietnam, Sanya, USA

aqua girl-9  Travelling: Vietnam, Sanya, USA aqua girl 91

I must apologize for the less frequent updates lately. Over the last three weeks, I have only been in Beijing for about three or four days and today am heading back to the States for about ten days. With all of this travel, I have not had much time to scout the streets of Beijing.

Above is a girl that was in the Temple of Literature in Hanoi. With its derelict but grand structures, Hanoi must be Asia’s most charming city and might be more like Paris than any other city outside Europe. Breakneck economic growth has not yet drained the personality, and it remains free of the high-rise forests that fill Asia’s hundred identical metropolises. Perhaps, it isn’t the most fashionable place in the region, but there are a lot of local crafts including silks, cottons and local designers.

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