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From Australia, Tana has been in Beijing over ten years. She started what was probably the first vintage shop in Beijing on Yandai Xiejie, near Houhai. The items she sold were brought in from abroad and included Levi’s and other such items. The shop has not been open for several years, but vintage clothing has become much more popular here lately.

从澳洲来的Tana十多年在北京。因为她喜欢收藏很独特的衣服,丝禁,鞋,袜子,帽子,等,她原来开国第一个卖二手衣服的商店在烟袋斜街。她卖的东西原来主要是从国外进口的,像一些Levi’s牛仔裤,70年代的衣服等,但价格卖的不是很高因为这个她的爱好。 她的11岁的女儿, Lily。女儿受到母亲的影响,也穿得很特别,也喜欢戴大的墨镜。我真羡慕她女儿,能说世界两个最重要的原因说得很流利。

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