Vogue Boys

vogue-boys  Vogue Boys vogue boys1

Cola has been a frequent star of Stylites. I like the way that he wears sweats with a leather jacket. These two Northeastern boys run the recently expanded Vogue, a menswear boutique on the forth floor of 3.3, a Sanlitun mall. Vogue specializes in “replicas” of Dior Homme, Comme des Garçons, Dolce and Gabbana, and other popular brands.

可乐经常出现在stylites上。我喜欢他穿运动裤和皮夹克的休闲风格。这两个东北男孩经营在三里屯3.3商场四层的Vogue男装精品店。他们的店面最近扩大了。Vogue的经营特色是Dior Homme, Comme De Garcons, Dolce and Gabbana等流行品牌的“复制品”。

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