Winter White – 冬天白

winter-white  Winter White - 冬天白 winter white1

Ignoring their city’s renowned dustiness, Beijingers adore wearing white, and winter is no time to forswear it. White puffer jackets, head-to-toe white, and plastic white boots bleach the landscape. Henry’s take is more successful than most. He didn’t forget the RMB 4,000 Italian shoes (Zegna), unlike most other Chinese financiers and businessmen, who still wear the pleather loafers from their nongmin days. From Guangxi but now based in Shanghai, he is one of those entrepreneurs, typical in China, who tries to do everything, from private equity, to importing rare wood, to fashion.

不理睬他们城市著名的尘土,北京人爱穿白色,连冬天的时候也一样。白色羽绒服,头到脚都是白色,塑料材质的白色靴子,都把环境“漂白”了。Henry穿白色的衣服比大部分的人的感觉好. 他没忘记穿4,000人民币的意大利皮鞋(Zegna),不像很多中国的金融家和商人还是穿跟他们是农民的时候的一样的人造革loafer. Henry老家在广西,现在住在上海。他是那种什么多做的投资家—私募基金,进口木材,还有时尚。

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