Working Chap at Xidan

pretty-boy  Working Chap at Xidan pretty boy1

Drowsily pimping with fur and chains, Mr. Tian asked permission not to disclose his profession. Possessing a certain louche appeal, he had a manner and a delicate voice. Oddly, he joined several other Xidan pedestrians in describing the USA as the most stylish country. They didn’t know that I am American when answering the question – no one ever guesses it anyway.

I’m flattered and some parts of Manhattan support the claim. Still, this perspective can only be attributed to the availability of American movies through fake DVDs. Generally, the older or more educated a person seems, the less likely they are to call America the most stylish country, tending to make the more predictable choice, France. Among younger stylish people, other frequent choices are Korea and Japan. In fact, I would have to say that at this moment in time US pop culture is competing neck to neck with Korean pop culture, perhaps even more than Japanese.

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