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This installation at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing is particularly special for me because my father my father, Richard Frye, was a professor of Iranian history and I grew up surrounded by rugs at home.  When my mother, Eden Naby, and her family immigrated to the United States they sold their land in Iran and used the money to buy rugs, which they shipped their new home.  Some of these they sold, using the proceeds to purchase their first house in the Philadelphia.  Others of these rugs are still with my family today.

This heritage made me especially happy to work with Zamani Collection to put together the pop-up that will be at the hotel for the rest of this month and early February.

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Zamani Collection’s Sylvia Liu found a great partner in fashion brand Rechenberg, whose designer makes a collection that shoes signs of both her German heritage and her surroundings in Beijing.  It is one of the finest examples of “Chinese style” created by a Westerner that I have seen.

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The lightness of her fabrics with the airy cuts is an interesting contrast to the Azeri tribal rugs, while the earth tones match perfectly.

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The press release:

Hand-dyed silk compositions floating and connecting the elements.

Kathrin von Rechenberg, founder of and designer of rechenberg, commented on the display, “the Silk Road history is well-known with the image of caravan and trading, but both brands are here to revisit the classics. Whether it is our centuries-old dyeing technique or the Persian woven arts that spread out by the nomads, this pop-up shows the true essence of traditional artisanship and timeless design.” The exhibition highlights the uneven shading on the silk fabrics and throughout the Persian rugs. “These handcrafting skills are the survivors of aesthetic evolution. They are a treasure to be shared,” said Matin Zamani, co-founder of Zamani Collection.

The curator of the Four Seasons pop-up shows Nels Frye also suggested that visiting the show could be a refreshing and inspiring experience to many interior and fashion connoisseur, since neither of the brand engages in large commercial activities.

For more information, cFor media reception and photoshoot booking, contact Sylvia Liu– | +86 182 1270 4320 Or visit

Exhibition Information

About the Name 何来 {时榴}

Both Zamani Collection and rechenberg thrive on the idea of natural dyed slow textile made of decade-processed tea silk or nomadic hand-spun yarn. One of the most common dyestuffs for both productions are pomegranate. Hence, it will become the centre of our exhibition – a fruit of texture, tint, and time. “时榴” has the same pronunciation of the fruit “⽯石榴,” yet the Chinese twist using {时-age} and {榴 – yield} implicate the effort, charm and appeal of these artisan produce.

About the Exhibition 何为 {时榴}

It is the comeback of an era of artisanship—it comes from the place and the hands of its origin, made by those whom transcend senses and concepts into timeless art. Zamani Collection x rechenberg for Four Seasons create a rarefied space at the hotel lobby, gathering the most dazzling personalities in Beijing. An alluring collection of 68 Persian rugs from Zamani Collection rolls out consecutively every week, with a phenomenal highlight of antique tribal rugs from the Qashqai tribes of Shiraz and the nomads of Shasavan. Master weavers from different tribes improvised these woven art pieces, as these folks and wanderers traveled for centuries along the ancient Silk Road, or to the end of the Mugan steppe of Azerbaijan. Additionally, a selection of airy and streamlined composition from rechenberg rises among the horizon of rugs. Presented are one-of-a-kind hand-dyed scarves and garments, and most exceptionally the legendary {⾹香云纱-tea silk}. Aurora-like gleams reflect from this sleek and supreme textile and robes drift as poppy petals in mountain streams.

All of the designs can be considered impressions from heart and nature; whether it resides among the Caucasus mountains, the Caspian Sea, the souk on the Silk Road, the hundreds-year old village at the end Pearl River Delta, or the idyllic studio amongst the high-rises of metropolitan Beijing. They read time. They styled histories. They shared adventures.


Zamani Collection is an aspiring brand that curate selective Persian carpets and deliver them to your doorsteps for fitting and styling. Every season, we flip through piles and piles of carpets and designs, in search for the inimitable match for our clients’ house of glamour. We work with families that devoted generations in this craftsmanship and bring them to your doorstep. You won’t need to go through hundreds of mediocre carpets and wonder whether they worth the investment or what they would look like at home. Zamani Collection curates carpets, rugs, tapestry, cushions and home decorations only from Iran. All art and decors are designed and handmade by Persian artisans and craftsmen.


Kathrin von Rechenberg has been living and working in Beijing since 2000. Graduated from Paris’s College of Couture “Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne” she honed her craft in various Haute Couture houses such as Jaques Fath, Jean Louis Scherrer, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix and Chanel. Kathrin von Rechenberg came to China in search of a very special fabric known as “tea-silk” which became her signature fabric when she founded her own label and remains today a cornerstone of her collections.

rechenberg Philosophy

The rechenberg studio philosophy is to ensure every woman who wears Kathrin von Rechenberg’s clothes will be sharing her love of understated exclusivity, her passion for fine fabrics and the timeless elegance inherent in her designs. Her style is international, rooted in German accuracy and French “savoir-faire”, enhanced with an additional China-inspired twist. Her pure and clean designs owe a certain debt to geometry and to architectural forms combined with the technical excellence and meticulous attention to detail that are evident in every shaped, supple garment designed in her Beijing atelier.

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