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Stylites Internship

Stylites is looking for a marketing intern.  The point is learning about media in China today and meeting and exceeding the requirements of clients that aim to excel in this market.  Are you the right candidate?  Not if you need money, don’t like parties, and are not that into style.  This is for flexible, fun-loving, stylish types with a good degree of ingenuity and drive.  In this role, your writing, researching, and networking skills will all improve dramatically.  You will gain a deep understanding of the fashion world in Beijing and how things are done in the real world.  You will be writing for Stylites and LifeStyle Magazine and working on some of our consulting projects.  The key point here is that you will get some great connections, which you should be able to parlay into more interesting opportunities.  Some  graduates of the Stylites internship program have gone on to Monocle, Stylesight, and to work for Mario Testino.  I wish I had had an opportunity like this when I was in college or just after.

Ideally, candidates are based in Beijing, but remote internship opportunities can be discussed.

The Fashionable American

Our feature in the December issue of LifeStyle (the magazine I edit in Beijing) was American heritage brands.  We tried to pick out the one’s suited to being Christmas gifts.  Here is the feature.  

It’s hard to understate the contributions made to global pop culture, from Hollywood, to the NBA, to Michael Jackson to a plethora of consumer brands far too familiar to warrant naming.  Despite a seemingly diminishing stature in recent years due to flawed wars, intelligence leaks, healthcare issues and a whole host of other embarrassing quagmires, the hyperpower still looms over everything.

Except for elegance – at least in the popular perception.  Looking at obese American tourists or the pedestrians most cities of the country, outsiders might be forgiven for assuming the place is a sort of style wasteland, but this was far from the case traditionally.  Things are getting better again at the moment.  America has been undergoing a fashion renaissance.  The style set in New York City and Tokyo are well aware of this but the general fashion-buying public is taking some time to catch up.

Behind this transition is a rebirth in American manufacturing.  These are still bags, shoes, and shirts made in places like New England, Nashville and Northern California.  For most, heritage luxury brands must be from Italy, France, or possibly the UK.  Many of the US brands profiled in this issue have a lineage and dedication to quality that could put them on par with the best of Europe.  They just lack the flashiness.

The American aesthetic tends to be about practicality, purpose, and an absence of unnecessary adornments.  Fabrics are rugged but will last a life time.  Shoes can be resoled and will take on a beautiful patina.  True Americanproducts are for living rather than showing off.  The ideal American-style luxury consumer values this true grit, rather than unnecessary display.

So, yeah, we’re hoping that many of these brands will be available in China soon.  Perhaps some of them will even show at the next HUB.  It’s not so much to support the stars and stripes as to get some very high quality, durable items into your wardrobe.