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“A Berliner by birth, Parisian by sentiment and Beijinger by choice, I visited China for the first time in 2008. Almost two years later, I decided to move to China’s bustling capital to learn more about Chinese culture and lifestyles. Pursuing my PHD in French literature studies while learning Chinese turned out to be quite an adventure. In the process, I realized that speaking of the East and West in broad terms is really quite impossible. Working with Nels and Stylites introduced me to fashion as an industry and lifestyle choice and made it even more clear to me that as much as family and cultural backgrounds constitute an original influence in almost everyone’s life, one’s choices and goals will determine the future. From the people I have met through my work for Stylites I am beginning to understand that from the outside, the fashion industry might seem superficial, but as a lifestyle it can become a means of expression and a force of progress.”

– Suzy

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