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Pawnstar seeks to spread acceptance of secondhand clothing and habits related to re-use, upcycling and sustainability through its activities in China. Fashion shoppers everywhere can make their small contribution to slowing global warming, limiting waste and pollution by wearing garments longer or shopping secondhand. Of course part of the problem is the proliferation of low quality garments that are built not to last. These can be hard to re-use and often need to be recycled. Part of the solution has also to come from consumers supporting designers and brands that make both durable quality and sustainable production priorities. We hope that you can support us both us shoppers and as consigners. You can learn more by scanning the QR code above.

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Pawnstar recently set up a physical location in the Clement Apartments, a French rustic style apartment complex built in 1929.

Just about every brand is present in our stock, but standouts include vintage Chanel jewelry, Alexander Wang and Givenchy dresses, Louboutin and Nicholas Kirkwood Stilettos, as much, much more. There is also a great collection of men’s ties and other mens items.

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The Clement is right in the middle of the French Concession on Fuxing Road, the former Rue Lafayette.

Address (English): The Clement Apartments, 1363 Fuxing Middle Road, Building 1, #104

Address (Chinese): 玉门公寓,复兴中路1363弄,1号楼,104

Please call +86 156 1833 1415 or add us on wechat before you come. Our wechat ID is: newpawnstar

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We are right opposite the Shanghai Symphony and next to the Blackstone Apartments.


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