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China’s most elegant, chic city, the “Paris of the East”…what are those sophisticates wearing?

Wukang Mansion (The Normandie Apartments)

Wukang Mansion Wukang Mansion (The Normandie Apartments) 1162697770

The Wukang Mansion, formerly called the Normandie Apartments, is probably one of the most recognizable buildings of Shanghai’s French Concession.  Built to commemorate the Normandie, a World War I-era battleship, the building is supposed to look like a ship and it seems to sail triumphantly toward drivers approaching down Huaihai Road from the West. When the building was completed around 1924, this would have been near the very Western edge of the city – practically in the suburbs.

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The French Concession, Part 1

French Concession Shanghai Pawnstar Neighborhood French Concession The French Concession, Part 1 251023187

The French Concession is one of the only neighborhoods in China that blends old and new. It is the 1% of the Shanghai metropolitan region that is not part of the seemingly never-ending sea of 100 meter tall modern housing blocks. Here is more about it. This post will be the first in a series that shows photos of the neighborhood around Pawnstar’s shop in the Clement Apartments.

Pawnstar Art Deco French Concession French Concession The French Concession, Part 1 13136538

Above are the Astrid Apartments, by Russian architect Alexander I. Yaron, and completed in 1934. This eight story art deco materpiece is on the corner of Maoming Road & Nanchang Road (more photos on this Shanghai Art Deco Site).

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