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Camos and Converse

asiance-4  Camos and Converse asiance 41

BTV8 was doing a documentary on Stylites at the time, so there was no time to ask for names, hobbies and favorite colors. A Shanghai girl, she works for Converse, a brand that can do no wrong in the eyes of hipsters globally and particularly in China. Camo prints are not favorites but on the right girl with the right attitude…

Red, White and Blue Braces

Red, White and Blue Braces 43

Converses – international symbol of free-thinking and youth – have always been best when red, at least in Beijing. I have read articles that praise a range of rockstars being the first to don the red Converses. This summer there were even more. It must have been the patriotic fervor surrounding the Olympics. Skinny jeans also became black, and girls studying finance adopted the Brit-rocker style of many of the young blokes, complete with the narrow, red, white and blue braces.

This type of braces have been around for a while, but I have been noticing this red, white, and blue stripe theme showing up everywhere. It is a signature detail for Thom Browne’s suits and coats, as in the following:

Red, White and Blue Braces

Pretty neat. Thom Browne’s quirky designs reference American classics and sports popular in Fairfield County. This leads one to believe that this highlight on the coat is not-quite-concealed patriotism. Still, the order of the colors is the same as the tricolour, of France. Chinese youngsters are most partial to referencing England, its rock and punk culture and its flag, in their attire. Let us try hard to interpret of these colors together as a sign of support for all three Western members of the security council. It is no surprise that US, France, and England have a strong grip on young people’s worldview.

Gentleman Director

aug-51  Gentleman Director aug 511

These hats are popular in Japan, from whence this young film student, studying directing, hails. He commented that there is not much good fashion for men in Beijing and everything he wears if bought in Tokyo. It’s nice to see a little bit of pattern and not the usual black on his slim tie. The mustache also adds a certain edge to otherwise precious look.

Not Quite Risqué – 不太过火

img_0187  Not Quite Risqué - 不太过火 img 01871

With all of the beautiful girls and handsome boys appearing, several people have suggested that Stylites double as a dating website. I will consider this option, though it can be difficult enough convincing people to pose without having to explain that they may be contacted by random romance-seeking strangers. This time, to forestall any curiosity, I am first adding a picture of this mini-skirted young girl with her man.


ruggedly-chic  Not Quite Risqué - 不太过火 ruggedly chic1

The skirt is surprisingly short, but does not seem risqué on her. In fact, her particular aura almost makes it difficult to notice that the skirt is so short. The military coat and handbag keep the look smart while the Converses and tee shirt are a rugged touch.



lvconverse  LV+Converse lvconverse1

The maddening crowds of LV carriers thronging Oriental Plaza made me vow not to photograph a single bearer of the brand, but the editor of an IT magazine, Ms. Xu, was eye-grabbing for the genuineness of the bag and the fact that she wasn’t trying to hard to be fashionable.