Not Quite Risqué – 不太过火

img_0187  Not Quite Risqué - 不太过火 img 01871

With all of the beautiful girls and handsome boys appearing, several people have suggested that Stylites double as a dating website. I will consider this option, though it can be difficult enough convincing people to pose without having to explain that they may be contacted by random romance-seeking strangers. This time, to forestall any curiosity, I am first adding a picture of this mini-skirted young girl with her man.


ruggedly-chic  Not Quite Risqué - 不太过火 ruggedly chic1

The skirt is surprisingly short, but does not seem risqué on her. In fact, her particular aura almost makes it difficult to notice that the skirt is so short. The military coat and handbag keep the look smart while the Converses and tee shirt are a rugged touch.


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