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The Redcoats are Taking Beijing

_mg_5412  The Redcoats are Taking Beijing mg 54121

But they aren’t British this time and I think Poland could do with a conquest or two. Tomasz Sajewic is the Beijing correspondent for Polish National Radio. Here he is wearing the same coat that Le Divan designer Aurelien was wearing three posts back. The only difference is that Tomasz’s coat has buttons and in this light Tomasz’s looks more orange. Most of Tomasz’s scarves are custom-made of silk that he orders from Thailand. As it turns out, everyone I know seems to be in Thailand this week.

Le Divan: For Beijing’s Happy Few

img_52111  Le Divan: For Beijing's Happy Few img 521111

Here are Aurelien and Tony, the badboys of Le Divan studio in red and black. Their pieces, crafted right at their studio in Caochangdi, comes both prêt à porter and made-to-measure. The prêt à porter is in extremely limited quantities and would only fit a very blessed portion of the population. Contact them directly to schedule a viewing as their brand is not available at any shop.

Tony had been wearing a thick winter hat immediately before the shot. Also, considering Aurelien’s hair, I’m worried that there may not be a hairdresser out in Caochangdi. That would be a good excuse for any hair condition, since Caochangdi is about ten-thousand li from the center of the city. I didn’t hear the explanation for Tony’s shoes.

Aurelien has appeared on Stylites several times, wearing black and white and silk tweed. Tony has been here, too. Both also were on the Sartorialist.

Their work will be on display at next Thursday’s Uniform X party at Punk.

Conceptual Cuts

m7-2  Conceptual Cuts m7 21

Aurelien Lecour, co-creative director of Le Divan, a design studio at Caochangdi, divides Chinese male dressers into three demographics: (1) the typical man who wears an over-sized suit and doesn’t care, (2) young professionals who timidly seek to be fashionable but rely on their female partner for all decisions on purchases, and (3) young teenagers and students who care much about looking different. Le Divan offers unique and detail-oriented garments for those with a more conceptual attitude toward fashion.

“One Color Tone, Please”

aug-201  “One Color Tone, Please” aug 2011

Co-creative director of Le Divan, Australian designer Tony Hua thinks most Beijing men wear oversized clothing and ensembles that don’t match in color or proportion. He recommends that men choose a style and stick with it rather than trying to mix and match too much. Most local men would benefit from wearing basic colors like black and white and steering clear of patterns, logos, and advice-giving girlfriends, whose tastes are often highly suspect. Le Divan’s shop will be opening soon at Soho Shangdu.