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Authentically Beijing?

Authentically Beijing? DSC 66391

This is the Beijing I love: welcoming, diverse, cutely bohemian, vibrant, international in its own quirky way, and, of course, smoking. Sure, you might say they are poseurs, but then, I am looking for poseurs. Maybe they are a bit pretentious – but people have been leveling the same accusation at me since I was fifteen – but I would say that they just like to keep their world a little magical. I am drinking ginger ale out of a champagne flute at the moment. Even those who constantly lose themselves in escapist fantasies need to stay sober once in a while.

These two young ladies aren’t haughty or cold, but really quite welcoming in a way. Are they authentic or are they just mimicking the way that hipstresses like them dress in other parts of the world?

Happy in the Mall

Happy in the Mall youdi smile web1
Photos and text:Suzy

Youdi was wandering around the I.T. store in Sanlitun Village North. She is a native Beijinger studying jewelry design in Birmingham and – like most of the Stylites popping up on this site lately – came back to the city during the holidays.

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Cat on a Roof

Cat on a Roof zaylin web11

Beijing student Zaylin attended Electric Shadows Film Club’s screening of the American classic Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman last night. The club had been organizing monthly free classic movie streamings on the Bookworm’s rooftop terrace in Sanlitun throughout the summer and will hopefully find an indoor venue during fall and winter.

Renmin’s Ready for Spring春天来到了人民大学

<!--:en-->Renmin's Ready for Spring<!--:--><!--:zh-->春天来到了人民大学<!--:--> renmin white

Photos and Text:Suzy

Lin Xiaotian and Wang Jing are students at China’s Renmin University where spring finally arrived this week. Like most students, they are enjoying the sun on a walk across campus with their friend An Jia.

<!--:en-->Renmin's Ready for Spring<!--:--><!--:zh-->春天来到了人民大学<!--:--> renmin white图,文:Suzy

蔺小天, 王璟 和安佳 逛逛着享受今天的太阳。 这三个女性都穿衣服的很时尚,真 引人注目的。

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The Puffers are Back羽绒服回来了

<!--:en-->The Puffers are Back<!--:--><!--:zh-->羽绒服回来了<!--:--> peter upper b1
Photos: Suzy

After something of a respite from the cold, snow and freezing air returned to Beijing over the last few days. The puffy coats were out in force again. Here was one of the more colorful examples.

<!--:en-->The Puffers are Back<!--:--><!--:zh-->羽绒服回来了<!--:--> peter upper b1

图: Suzy

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