Praise of Pop-up Program

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Above is the inside of Wuhao’s Curio Box at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing.  The Pop-up program at the hotel has received a great deal of publicity and praise over the last year.

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The giant size of the lobby – something that I initially saw as a flaw in the hotel’s layout – has been turned into a great advantage that has made the hotel a focal point for the design and fashion crowds.  Major magazines agree.  More below.

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The Four Seasons Hotel Beijing was declared the “Best Creative Service Hotel” at the 7th annual Best Hotel & Resort Value Award ceremony of Voyage Magazine, held on Dec. 15.

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This is the Award.1238186802  Praise of Pop-up Program 1238186802

Recently, the Dutch Design II pop-up was also featured in Lifestyle (精品购物指南), one of the widest circulating newzines in China.


Four Seasons GM Andrew Debrito also got some nice quotes into the magazine.1313209740  Praise of Pop-up Program 1313209740

The overall feature was on pop-up shops.  Above is the cover of that issue.

Following are some photos of some of the pop-ups that have graced the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing lobby over the last year.

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De Jue featured flamboyant menswear and British shoes.

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The Curio Box by Wuhao is a classic that I hope will appear elsewhere in China in the near future.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.31  Praise of Pop-up Program Screen Shot 2014 07 15 at 3

And here is the tea house area from the first Wuhao pop-up.

image9  Praise of Pop-up Program image92

Dutch Design II brought in some of the bicycles for which the country is best known.

1298321358  Praise of Pop-up Program 12983213581

Harrod and Ji worked with landscape designer Ryan Carter to fuse dramatic shoes and clutches with floral.

937791637  Praise of Pop-up Program 937791637

Bi Fu by Chen Fu blended cutting edge technology with traditional Chinese culture.

These and more pop-ups can be seen by scrolling down, selecting the category “Stylites Projects” or searching on stylites.

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