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The Man Behind the Gas Mask

P1040926 The Man Behind the Gas Mask The Man Behind the Gas Mask P1040926

Beijing’s most famous young fashion designer, Zhang Chi, is going to be one of the star attractions at The HUB, which runs from February 25 to 27.

I’ve known Zhang Chi for years from the time of this photo here.   Check some pics of his overwhelming shows.

Check out his website also.

P1040924 The Man Behind the Gas Mask The Man Behind the Gas Mask P1040924


Mr. X at Muxiyuan

_mg_5449  Mr. X at Muxiyuan mg 54491

I never know who I might run into at a shirting shop. Xander Zhou (also here) shouldn’t need much introduction to viewers of Stylites. Among the most well-known Beijing-based menswear designers, Xander studied in the Netherlands and his brand sells internationally. For more information about him check out JC Report, an interview with him at Dazed Digital, and a Time Out London piece on “Beijing Heroes” where Xander ranks with Ai Weiwei and Gia (also been on stylites).

“China’s Françoise Sagan”

img_5483  "China's Françoise Sagan" img 54831

From Heilongjiang Province, Niu Mingyu (牛明昱), 27, has been described by French friends as China’s Françoise Sagan. His life is far more adventurous and debaucherous than hers was, he says. In addition to novellas, he writes regularly about beauty, culture, and lifestyle for Trends’ L’Officiel, Rayli, New Weekly, and a range of other publications. Last month, he wrote eighty-thousand characters.

Mr. Niu also works full-time as an editor at China Cosmetics (中国美容时尚画报), a recently founded bimonthly magazine that is an offshoot of ten year old China Beauty (中国美容时尚报) magazine and claims a circulation of 170,000. These are part of the media group founded by one Zhang Xiaomei, who is also a CPPCC National Committee member and keeps a blog.

His jacket is from Croquis, the male line that is part of Hangzhou-based JNBY, one of China’s most successful brands that was formed completely locally.

The Redcoats are Taking Beijing

_mg_5412  The Redcoats are Taking Beijing mg 54121

But they aren’t British this time and I think Poland could do with a conquest or two. Tomasz Sajewic is the Beijing correspondent for Polish National Radio. Here he is wearing the same coat that Le Divan designer Aurelien was wearing three posts back. The only difference is that Tomasz’s coat has buttons and in this light Tomasz’s looks more orange. Most of Tomasz’s scarves are custom-made of silk that he orders from Thailand. As it turns out, everyone I know seems to be in Thailand this week.

Le Divan: For Beijing’s Happy Few

img_52111  Le Divan: For Beijing's Happy Few img 521111

Here are Aurelien and Tony, the badboys of Le Divan studio in red and black. Their pieces, crafted right at their studio in Caochangdi, comes both prêt à porter and made-to-measure. The prêt à porter is in extremely limited quantities and would only fit a very blessed portion of the population. Contact them directly to schedule a viewing as their brand is not available at any shop.

Tony had been wearing a thick winter hat immediately before the shot. Also, considering Aurelien’s hair, I’m worried that there may not be a hairdresser out in Caochangdi. That would be a good excuse for any hair condition, since Caochangdi is about ten-thousand li from the center of the city. I didn’t hear the explanation for Tony’s shoes.

Aurelien has appeared on Stylites several times, wearing black and white and silk tweed. Tony has been here, too. Both also were on the Sartorialist.

Their work will be on display at next Thursday’s Uniform X party at Punk.

Lu 12.28

13  Lu 12.28 132

A native Beijing designer, Liu Lu just opened her first shop on Nanluoguxiang. After studying at an elite boarding school in Switzerland, she studied fashion design at Parsons in Manhattan. Her brand, Lu 12.28 has ready-to-wear and haute couture lines. She just adopted a very cute stray puppy that seems to be drawing in the clients. In the photo, the top and skirt are her own designs.

Aspiring Fashion Designer – 励志成为服装设计师得学生

designer  Aspiring Fashion Designer - 励志成为服装设计师得学生 designer4

A fashion design student at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, she intends to design womenswear of the “mix and match” style – currently a popular focus. I was disappointed that she doesn’t make clothing or wear her own designs, so far relying on shops in Xidan and the Zoo.