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Happy Chinese New Year!

Just another update: We have the technical team working on the site and the viruses and no-comment situation should be resolved within the next week. Thanks again for your patience and Happy Year of the Snake! Here is a perfect gift idea for this occasion.

A Lengthy Interview

This interview by Brent Luvaas, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Drexel University in Philadelphia, gives an overview of how Stylites evolved, in my words. Brent and I had a nice discussion over Skype and here he provides the main points. Brent is also the Co-Editor in the Visual Anthropology Review Department of Culture and Communication. He also runs the blog where my interview appears, Urban Field Notes. My thanks to Brent for featuring me on his blog!

Magazines, Shares and Chocolate

A few interesting happenings:

– Conde Nast China Managing Director Cao Weiming discusses the rise of Vogue, GQ, AD, and Self in the most important rapidly growing market for print media. Vogue China now has the third highest revenue among the 15 international editions of the publication. I also heard recently that GQ China is expected to surpass the UK one to become the top grossing GQ, right after the US version. More from China Daily on Conde Nast in China.

– Not all is as buoyant as what fashion industry watchers were promised though. Shares in HK-listed Prada have slumped 34% from their price at listing in July. With 42% of its sales in Asia, Prada enjoyed 25% growth in the first nine months of the year and 39% in Asia (outside Japan). Like everyone, investors are worried about slower than utterly exuberant growth in 2012, though Prada in China must still be a very good bet in the medium to long term. The world’s largest listed jeweler, HK’s Chow Tai Fook, also saw its share price drop 8%. Both of these are probably more cases of investors accepting that growth in the Chinese luxury market will be merely strong, rather than overwhelming, at least in 2012.

– On a lighter, or hopefully darker, note, a new chocolate theme park north of Beijing hosted a show with fashions made from chocolate.

With Miuccia on Linkchic跟Miuccia在Linkchic

This image of Jeffrey, me, and Miuccia Prada is making the rounds on Weibo, China’s Twitter. Now it seems to have ended up on Linkchic.com, a major Chinese website. This page predicts that blue will be a major color for spring. Wearing a medium-blue suit from Senli and Frye that I have owned for several years put me well ahead of the curve. Jeffrey’s recently made silk suit is also from Senli and Frye and Ms. Prada is wearing one of her own creations from the latest collection.这个图片已转发了很多次在微博. 现在这个网站的流行趋势叫“愈抹愈蓝”也用了这张图片。 我和jeffrey的西服都是Senli and Frye 做的。

To Florence!到佛罗伦萨!

I will be arriving Thursday morning in Florence to attend FIRENZE4EVER 2nd Edition, a fashion blogger’s event put on by LUISAVIAROMA, an online luxury boutique. For regular coverage on this event please tune in to Stylitems, the new section of Stylites devoted to products, brands, and advertorial.


10 for 201010个趋势

Over the next five days leading up to New Year’s, I will post ten of the phenomena that most caught my attention while photographing in Beijing this year. Call them trends, observations, or reflections, these are what I find most notable and widespread this year. Several were well in evidence last year, but simply reached a saturation recently. Please don’t blame me if you feel that these are already “over”. While these styles may not be cutting-edge, they are most abundant.

接下来的五天在2011年之前, 我会写今年在北京拍摄的时候10个最吸引我注意的现象。有些趋势是去年已经有的,就是今年变得比较普遍。如果你觉得这些东西已经“过了”的话不要怪我,因为很多是今年才变得更明显。

Merry Christmas!圣诞节快乐!

I just arrived in Sarasota, Florida, where I will be spending Christmas next to the sea. Over the next week, I will be posting regarding a few trends observed over 2010 while photographing Beijing street style.


Renzo Rosso

There would have been a lot of people to photograph at Diesel’s giant Sanlitun Village North shop opening the other night, but unfortunately I forgot to recharge the battery in my camera. It was a busy day at the magazine and my mind wasn’t on Stylites.

I did get to meet Diesel’s founder and CEO, Renzo Rosso.


当晚我见到了Diesel的创始人兼CEO,Renzo Rosso

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Getting Bigger in Japan?

Just one percent of my visitors were from Japan over the last year. Obviously, there is a language issue, but I would expect a country so interested in personal style to take more of an interest in how its neighbors dress (and to what extent they hipsters in Shibuya and Harajuku).

Fortunately, Chiemi Isozaki from Japanese online publication Hitspaper just interviewed me (click here for the piece in Japanese) . Select “more” for the Engish.

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