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Sanlitun has been Beijing’s main nightlife district for nearly as long as their has been nightlife in post-opening China. Over the years, the area has become more and more gentrified and sanitized. Sanlitun Village, Beijing’s first outdoor mall, with a huge number of shops ranging from Uniqlo to Reiss. The trendiest boutique hotel in the city, the Opposite House is also here. Sanlitun, the CBD, embassy quarter, and residences of most foreigners are in vast Chaoyang District.

Girls of Winter

Girls of Winter Girls of Winter SHEN Pei Yu fl1
Photos and Interviews by Suzy

Summer is the season in Beijing that I especially loath, but cold weather has really endured this year. I keep having to turn the heat back on in my hutong. In offices and most high-rises, the heat has been off since mid March. The frigid temperatures indoors mean the tweed sport coats have had ample play recently. Supposedly, there is yet another colf front coming in tomorrow. All of this probably means that it will be an even more sweltering summer than normal. Temperatures above 30 degrees will probably start next Monday.

Girls of Winter Girls of Winter Liber JIANG fl1

I kept thinking that these images from over the winter would not really fit given that it was already late in the year. Perhaps this most violent and eternal of winters warrants this reprisal that includes all the photos from the last winter that were not posted here. So below are some profiles and photos from the snowiest, longest winter in all of my years in Beijing. Suzy talked to some of the hip young ladies that give Beijing its character and bohemian charm. Continue reading

Interview: Liangshuang

Interview: Liangshuang ls portrait sh web1
Photos & Text: Suzy

I met fellow photographer Liangshuang at a Lane Crawford event last year. We instantly bonded over our views on the Beijing fashion scene and decided to share our conversation in this exclusive STYLITES Interview.

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Details, at Sergio Rossi

Details, at Sergio Rossi  sr details 2 web1
Photos: Suzy

Sergio Rossi just opened its first flagship store in Beijing. Celebrities, media, and CEO Christophe Melard were all in attendance. Melard said that the atmosphere of the store was meant to resemble a late 60s or 70s apartment and have an intimate vibe that would also appeal to women’s innate desire to be voyeuristic.

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