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The Beijing Vintage Ride

The Beijing Vintage Ride The Beijing Vintage Ride 6d9e0eefjw1ec0afnej20m8cd0hdy1
Photos: Penn

Wang Peng captured some great images of all the tweedy people that came out yesterday for the first ever Beijing Vintage Ride, mostly inspired by similar events in London, Tokyo and elsewhere.

The event was startlingly successful in terms of number of participants, their level of style preparedness and the fanciness of their bikes. There was general level of enthusiasm for a stylish sort of bicycling culture, but more of my thoughts on this in future posts.

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The Front Row at Simon Gao

The Front Row at Simon Gao The Front Row at Simon Gao DSCN19961

Well-known actor Li Chen is wearing a suit from the same collection of Simon Gao that he was watching from the front row. The material is 100% silk and the pattern is something of a polka dot, though I am looking forward to having the opportunity to see it up close in the workshop.

The presence of Simon Gao on the Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week schedule was notable because have not previously been younger, hipper designers represented at the event. The tendency had been for figures like Xander Zhou, Zhang Chi, Vega Wang, etc. to do their own events off-location either during the Week or at other times of the year. Most of the designers that show at China’s premier fashion week are from larger and inevitably far dowdier brands, design schools, or just people who seem to have really good connections with government.

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