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Shots taken in Beijing’s famous hutongs, the historic alleyways that wind through the center of China’s capital. The hutong area in the center of Beijing is the largest continuous stretch of historic cityscape in any major Chinese city.

Girls of Winter

Girls of Winter Girls of Winter SHEN Pei Yu fl1
Photos and Interviews by Suzy

Summer is the season in Beijing that I especially loath, but cold weather has really endured this year. I keep having to turn the heat back on in my hutong. In offices and most high-rises, the heat has been off since mid March. The frigid temperatures indoors mean the tweed sport coats have had ample play recently. Supposedly, there is yet another colf front coming in tomorrow. All of this probably means that it will be an even more sweltering summer than normal. Temperatures above 30 degrees will probably start next Monday.

Girls of Winter Girls of Winter Liber JIANG fl1

I kept thinking that these images from over the winter would not really fit given that it was already late in the year. Perhaps this most violent and eternal of winters warrants this reprisal that includes all the photos from the last winter that were not posted here. So below are some profiles and photos from the snowiest, longest winter in all of my years in Beijing. Suzy talked to some of the hip young ladies that give Beijing its character and bohemian charm. Continue reading

Breathless in Beijing

Breathless in Beijing Breathless in Beijing stripe web 1 of 11
Photo and words: Suzy

Maybe it’s the gamine haircut, the striped dress, or the smile, but she really reminds me of Jean Seberg in Breathless. The timeless and jaunty style of Godard’s first feature film comes to Jam Bar. Wang Xiaolv is also one of the two chatting hipstresses in this photo.

Home of the Free

American flag T-shirt Home of the Free Home of the Free America4501
Photo & Text: Steven

Today commemorates the birth of the American nation and the one day set aside each year where overt displays of patriotism are not only welcomed, but encouraged. On this day the American flag T-shirt paired with cornflower blue trousers and bright white sandals—what I imagine Uncle Sam would wear on summer vacation—would not be in minority among the crowds of flag-waving parade goers.

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