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Wang Peng

Wang Peng Wang Peng DSCN29041

At first, I was aghast that photographer Wang Peng was on a scooter during the Vintage Ride, but of course to take all those great photos he had to move a bit faster than the rest of us. I took this one from my bike. Thanks for all the great images, Wang Peng!

Interview: Liangshuang

Interview: Liangshuang ls portrait sh web1
Photos & Text: Suzy

I met fellow photographer Liangshuang at a Lane Crawford event last year. We instantly bonded over our views on the Beijing fashion scene and decided to share our conversation in this exclusive STYLITES Interview.

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Efficiency-Minded P10506941

Photographer Wang Peng has evolved his own rather versatile way of dressing. He has five tailored suits in this exact cut each in a different color. They can be either worn as a suit or mixed and matched. I will have to ask him next time if there are really are a total of 25 potential outfits or if some of the colors don’t really go together. The fabric is canvass that he purchased at Muxiyuan.


Over to Web Commerce

Over to Web Commerce P10407651

Who would have thought? Well-known photographer Gao Yuan is now in a creative directorial-type role at ihavu.com, a frenetically growing online commerce site that is the official web retailer for Rimowa and a growing roster of brands. Many respected media people have recently moved over to this site. I believe this is something of a mini-trend and suspect the other players in this arena have been attracting top editors and probably sales and marketing staff. Expect to hear more about this here.

Other rising flash sale, discounting and other sites in the fashion realm include VIPstore, xiu.com, 5lux, and Shangpin. They have all done major advertising campaigns in the subways, on TV and in magazines. Investment is clearly flowing in this direction.