1. China Chic 1. 中式时尚

1. China Chic 1. 中式时尚 P1030976

In Beijing, the most interesting fashion megatrend was Chinese products and styles. Several related trends occurring concurrently gave the impression that Beijingers wanted to find new ways of adding a Chinese touch to their own unique style of dress. Whether it was retro schooldays, Northeastern fabrics, incorporating traditional elements in modern ensembles, or wearing Chinese designers, the emphasis for young local hipsters and some resident foreigners was incorporating elements of China.



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The red, the Feiyue shoes and even the haircut, somehow imply ’80s China and patriotism. This type of retro has been big recently. Robin Peckham has a very analysis of the shoes and overall trend here.

1. China Chic 1. 中式时尚 IMG 52992

The Northeastern bedding print found its way everywhere this year, often in custom-made clothing.

1. China Chic 1. 中式时尚 IMG 4190

He is a major designer from Beijing but based in London.

1. China Chic 1. 中式时尚 Floral Shirt in Traditional Chinese Fabric 1 of 1 21

I had a shirt made quite like his.

1. China Chic 1. 中式时尚 P1040492

An elegant and subtle fusion of East and West.

1. China Chic 1. 中式时尚 P1050051

This custom piece is a bit more overwhelming.

1. China Chic 1. 中式时尚 P1050492

And here is something from local designer, Liu Lu.

1. China Chic 1. 中式时尚 P10505392

And Masha Ma.

1. China Chic 1. 中式时尚 P1050556

And Zhang Chi.

1. China Chic 1. 中式时尚 P10404811

And Sankuanz. These are just a few examples of the many locally designed pieces I encountered over the course of this year. With the growth of retail outlets specializing in local independent designers, 2010 can be proclaimed the year that they gained widespread acceptance. I expect next year will see them become even more popular in Beijing and beyond.

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