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Logoless Fatigue

The last year or more has seen an avalanche of articles predicting the demise of the logo and the growth of less flashy but more individualized style in China.  See CNBC “Logo fatigue? Chinese now want understated luxury”, “Chinese Luxury Shopping Trends 2014: No Logos And Less Money Driven By Anti-Corruption Measures” from International Business Times, and “How Fashion Brands Adjust to China’s New Niche Style” at the Jing Daily.

671826191 Logoless Fatigue Logoless Fatigue 671826191

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Black is always a sure bet in fashion, yet black during spring is a double-entendre, wanting to stand out from the crowds of happy go color fashion cats. With the likes of Alexander Wang making a strong cultural impact on the fashion scene recently, the all-blacks have a role model and figure head taking the relay baton ( black of course) over from the declining Rick Owens ( who showed mainly pale greys in Paris). Go blacks go

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Yarn dyed two tone stripes T-shirts are pretty much a timeless classic and seems to make a bit of a comeback this spring on the streets of Beijing. Chosing classic colours combination such as navy/ white and red/white feels refreshing compared to the colour clashes of late. Variation in stripe structure adds a designer touch (as seen at COS and Topman for 14SS). But with the classic 8 mm stripe width and contrast collar you know what you get and can highlight your look with more forward accessories to pull in the crowds!




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Stylites and P1

It turns out that I am going to be one of the two non-p1 street style photographers featured at “The Great Style Leap” a large exhibit that will be at the Orange, in Sanlitun, from Dec. 13 to 19. This notice on Business of Fashion even uses some of my photos.  The question for me is what the them of my wall at this exhibition should be.  P1 has taken over six-million street style photos, mostly in Beijing and Shanghai, over the last 5-6 years.  It is the biggest, best funded, street style project in the world.  

P1 was able to reach such a scale because it was membership-driven.  All of the people they photographed should be part of their social network, and they are collecting the data.  They really do deserve praise for making the connection between street style and social networks and then building up the business in China.  I am not sure how well it is doing as a social network right now – they were a bit late in going mobile – but the idea remains a brilliant standout from the age of street style.  Their exhibition, much like Stylites, will be celebrating the birth individuality in China.

So P1 has a good deal of material from which to select.  They are using technology to scan through the images to find the trends that have emerged over the years.  I have to find a way to fit into this.  I think since their work will be almost entirely visual, my approach may be to provide written introductions to some of the interesting personalities around Beijing.  I’ve always hoped that Stylites would be more about the actual people than fashion.  Still, I am looking for any ideas in terms of the theme for my section of the exhibit.

Cardinal Moments at Dior

Cardinal Moments at Dior Cardinal Moments at Dior IMG 64391
Photos: Penn

It was almost as if he was there to exorcise the demons that were raised during the Dior show, with its occult and militaristic references. I did not get to find out why this young man decided on an outfit that suggested the scarlet cassocks cardinals of the Roman Catholic church though he skipped the hat.

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