A Mix of Sentiments

A Mix of Sentiments P103082811

Young novelist Zhou Yuanyuan enjoys the last moments of daylight at the Modern Sky Festival. Others were not feeling the pure joy…

年青作家周源远笑得很真实在摩登天空音乐节。 他的代表作叫《我就乐意这样寂寞了》。

A Mix of Sentiments P103099411

Too much dancing or was her heart broken – perhaps in one of the nearby tents? Others were more expressive


A Mix of Sentiments P10309421

Hand-rolled cigarette, plaid shirt, black-rimmed glasses, ironic hand gestures and expression…This guy could have gone to my university.

A Mix of Sentiments P10309611

This guy is channelling “USA” in so many ways. 他的梦想是称为美国人。

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