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Shop: BNC P10408981

I am very late to this one as the New York Times and all the major local publications all covered media mogul Hong Huang’s multi-brand boutique BNC a couple months ago. With the most Chinese independent brands of any shop in the country – over a hundred of them – BNC is currently the number one shopping destination here in Beijing for those into fashion and design. This is a rare example of a shop with very few items that can be found anywhere else.

The knit shirt and bow tie above are by Non.Season. I will post an interview with designer Zhang Di here within the next week.

Shop: BNC P10409021

Beyond all of the fashion, BNC also carries a large variety of nice design knick-knacks, many of which make great gifts. If you are looking for something distinctive from Beijing, this is the ideal destination, especially because it is located right in Sanlitun.



Shop: BNC 6 21

Cute is often the name of the game.

Shop: BNC 2 23

Still, Hong Huang has been careful to set high-standards for quality in the fashion selections she makes. Of course, the fact is that often independent designers here in China, like other places, are at a great disadvantage when it comes to fabrication


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