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FNO x Stylites

FNO x Stylites FNO x Stylites FNO 0 web 1 of 11
Photos & Text : Suzy

Lane Crawford invited Stylites for a colaboration on to their 2012 celebration of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. Here is a little preview of a truly fashionable and fun night! More pictures are coming soon.


Nuandao Christmas Market

Looking for presents? Nuandao Curated Shop is hosting a Christmas market at Jam this Saturday from 2-6. This new curated shopping site will be showcasing original and quirky designs from Greater China as well as vintage items. There will also be a pop-up preview sale available this Saturday + Sunday on Nuandao.com for those unable to attend Saturday’s event in Beijing.

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Fit for an Empress

Fit for an Empress P105015111

Beijingers will know that this comes late. Wuhao, the premier concept shop in the city, has already been open for a year. Wallpaper already described it as one of the top twenty reasons to visit China now and Stylites has featured the Wuhao Tea Shop pop-up at Beijing Design Week.

But, strangely I have never spoken much about what must be the world’s most beautiful retail setting. In a garden owned by the family of the last emperor’s wife, Wuhao Curated Shop is tucked behind an barely marked door in one of Beijing’s best preserved hutong areas. Installations change by the season with themes based on the elements and drawing heavily on the Yiqing or Book of Changes. The focus is young Chinese fashion and furniture designers, many of whom produce special lines or items for Wuhao. More pictures of the yard can be seen on the website.

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This Afternoon: Head to Dashilar

This Afternoon: Head to Dashilar IMG 8923
Photo: Wuhao

Today (9/24) is filled with openings and parties related to Beijing Design Week. These events will center around the revitalized hutongs around Dashilar, nearby Qianmen (click “more” to see a map). The moment symbolizes China’s graduation from mere manufacturer to creator of original products. According to the Design Week Creative Director Aric Chen, the week will do far more than showcase designers and their work, but will also catalyse overall development of design for China and inspire a revitalization of neighborhoods within Beijing. More information on Design Week and Dashilar here.

One part of that might come in the form of the pop-up shops a number of local shops are opening in the Dashilar area. Beijing’s answer to Colette, Wuhao, will be opening its pop-up, called the Teahouse, from 2pm today.

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Burberry’s Big Beijing Bash


Spring has arrived and so have the British: Today, Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey will inaugurate one of the brand’s most technically advanced flagship stores at Sparkle Roll Plaza and promises to celebrate British Music, Technology and fashion globally from Beijing.


春天带来了英国的时尚之风:今天,Burberry首席创意总监克里斯托弗 贝利 (Christopher Bailey)将在Sparkle Roll Plaza主持Burberry品牌有史以来最先进的旗舰店的开幕式,这次在北京的活动将融合英国音乐、高科技和时尚等元素。

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Double crossing at Triple Major平台双打

<!--:en-->Double crossing at Triple Major<!--:--><!--:zh-->平台双打<!--:--> 9vy zhang and friend platforms

Photos and Text:Suzy

We certainly do have high expectations on what Triple Major is stocking for the upcoming season. Here is a picture of I.T. stylist Ivy Zhang and her friend who dressed up for the preview party last saturday.

double crossing at triple major  <!--:en-->Double crossing at Triple Major<!--:--><!--:zh-->平台双打<!--:--> 9vy zhang and friend platforms

人北人京都厚望Triple Major是 提供春天的系列的……

LifeStyle Photoshoot《品味生活》大片儿

LifeStyle Photoshoot《品味生活》大片儿 10
Photo: Teresa Yeh

I felt so bad that Stylites had not yet mentioned BNC, that we did a whole photo shoot for LifeStyle Magazine just using brands from the foremost multi-brand boutique in Beijing focused exclusively on local brands. Editor Eric Gao took the lead on this and the results can be seen in the February issue the magazine. For those who don’t know, LifeStyle is the bilingual publication that I edit.



Shop: BNC

Shop: BNC P10408981

I am very late to this one as the New York Times and all the major local publications all covered media mogul Hong Huang’s multi-brand boutique BNC a couple months ago. With the most Chinese independent brands of any shop in the country – over a hundred of them – BNC is currently the number one shopping destination here in Beijing for those into fashion and design. This is a rare example of a shop with very few items that can be found anywhere else.

The knit shirt and bow tie above are by Non.Season. I will post an interview with designer Zhang Di here within the next week.

Shop: BNC P10409021

Beyond all of the fashion, BNC also carries a large variety of nice design knick-knacks, many of which make great gifts. If you are looking for something distinctive from Beijing, this is the ideal destination, especially because it is located right in Sanlitun.


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Shop Reviews店铺点评

My workload and the cold weather are stopping me from taking more street style pictures. Still, I am adding some new content to stylitems: reviews of interesting shops in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. The first is an old favorite that I am always surprised to hear some people don’t know. Check back on stylitems regularly.Stylitems上面最近会有新的店铺评价关于北京,上海,香港的一些有意思的商店。第一个写了是798的非空间。

Shop: FEI Space 店铺:非空间概念店

Shop: FEI Space 店铺:非空间概念店 feispace small pic beijing        fei space 798 shopping1

Say “concept store” to a hip Beijinger and they will inevitably respond with “check out FEI Space”, though this 798 shop’s eclecticism and location (a refurbished factory) make it feel more like a genteel flea-market. A major draw are the ceramic designs of co-owner Lin Jing, which ranges from trouser-shaped vases to paired-down teapots. Curating fashion, Creative Director and stylist Ray P. Lee offers international favorites Bless, Henrik Vibskov, Gareth Pugh their China debut, while Zhang Da, designer of Hermès’ new Chinese label Shang Xia, puts forth his experimental Boundless line. Not confined to the current moment, the antique furniture and leather bags – goodies like bicycle satchels and chairs reupholstered in vintage curtain fabric – inject a dose of heritage nearly absent from the Beijing retail environment. FEI is the perfect space for the modern fashionista or interior decorating buff for whom cleverly retro and tastefully revolutionary can be combined to get chic. Contact Information: B-01, 798 art district, 4 Jiuxiangqiao Lu, Chaoyang district Tel: + 86 10 5978 9580

Shop: FEI Space 店铺:非空间概念店 feispace small pic beijing        fei space 798 shopping1

假若您向一位在京的时尚达人提及“概念店”,想必得到的回答定是“去非空间看看。”虽然这家位于798艺术区,并由废弃工厂所改造的店铺,更像齐集了各种优雅小物件的跳蚤市场。这里的一大看点是店主之一的林菁所做的陶瓷设计,从裤子形状的花瓶到配套的茶壶,尽显当代陶瓷艺术的魅力。创意总监和时尚策展人Ray P. Lee也让他青睐的众多国际品牌,有机会与中国顾客见面,例如Henrik Vibskov、Gareth Pugh等。而爱马仕旗下品牌“上下”的设计师张达,也将其品牌Boundless放置于店中售卖。如果您想再搜寻些古董物件,这里的古董家具和皮包也能满足您的需求。这些已然日益从北京普通小店中消失的,极具传统文化气息的物件,无疑将是复古达人们的心头之好。

More Garçons更多Garçons

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Photos: Penn

Sorry, just taking a while getting these photos up, since I am rather busy here in Florence. Here are more boys from the CdG opening in Sanlitun.

In a sea of bitchy, shallow PR types, Tommy (above) stands out as one of the most genuine, friendly and intelligent of the bunch.

<!--:en-->More Garçons<!--:--><!--:zh-->更多Garçons<!--:--> IMG 6922
Photos: Penn


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