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For the start of the Year of the Dragon, I decided to share my personal favorite images from the Rabbit.

My Favorites P100014911

This is just so much fun and what a great pair!

My Favorites merry web2
Photo: Suzy

Perhaps there is a bit too much here and her taste may not be entirely unimpeachable, but there is something appealing about the eclecticism here.

My Favorites P108027411

I rarely put models up here, but this confrontational chinoiserie from a cosplay party was irresistible.

My Favorites P108026411

As was this dramatic coat from the same event.

My Favorites P106081111

And what a nice use of blue and lovely smile!

My Favorites P105076411

And here is some blue with pop!

My Favorites P10300081

Maybe it was the year that local fashionistas discovered blue and realized it is even more adaptable than black.

My Favorites P101056311

Thick frames and workwear were also major trends.

My Favorites P101006311

Behind this rather S&M look is the chemical tank at 751 that remained the most popular venue for fashion events this year.

My Favorites P100098211

An aggressive adrogyny kept appearing.

My Favorites P100081811

This was an interesting mixture of mostly items mostly from Western brands to create an effect that seemed undeniably Chinese, or perhaps Uyghur.

My Favorites P10003181

Retro florals were the thing to do.

My Favorites wide
Photo: Suzy

Chinese-influenced looks grew as a trend this year.

My Favorites sandy1

It was a year in which headlines constantly announced Chinese consumers were abandoning conspicuous consumption and logos. The new fashionistas must wear labels with irony.

My Favorites FIL815

And it was also a year in which luxury consumers in second-tier gained increasing attention.

Which was your favorite look?

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