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I ran into Gia, the female lead from the former band Hang on the Box, once again and asked her a few questions this time.

gia(王悦)是个音乐人及艺术家。她是前著名女子摇滚乐队hang on the box主唱。

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NF: Over the years, have you noticed changes in the way young people respond to your music?
G: Hang on the Box started off very punk rock and the audiences were rambunctious young punk rockers. After our trips to Japan and the United States we went down a more experimental path that was not always that embraced by audiences. My own solo album, released last year, had a completely different, bossa nova influenced, style. People that aren’t so big into rock found this much easier to listen to though fans of Hang on the Box obviously had a different response.

NF: You became a celebrity very early – being on the cover of Newseek at such a young age. What are you trying to achieve now?
G: I just want to play music, enjoy life, and do things in art and music that I have never done before. I like to start over from scratch – killing the earlier me – and always creating a new history.

NF: Your style is very cute but your music is quite aggressive. Is there a contradiction?

G: It depends on how you understand it. I don’t think how I dress is cute and I don’t think my music is not cute.
NF: In addition to being a singer, you are also a style icon. Over the last ten years, what have been the most obvious changes in the way Beijingers dress?

G: Young people before did not know much about fashion and did not dare dress distinctively. Now they certainly dare. the lack of intuition in the fashion dare not dress up, and now young dare, but sometimes they go to far. The most ridiculous thing is the cosmetic surgery trend. Is a “praying mantis face” really attractive?

NF: Do you have any fashion advice for Beijing girls?
G: No, I think many girls dress nicely now.

NF: What you like best in Beijing in terms of shops, restaurants, bars, galleries, and so forth?
G: White Rabbit, Lantern, and d-lounge.

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NF: 从一开始到现在,年轻人对你的音乐的反应有哪些变化?
G: hang on the box早期的音乐很摇滚比较朋克,青春且活泼,受众群体都是一些喜欢朋克和摇滚文化的小孩。去过日本和美国演出之后乐队不断常识新的风格,可能在当时改变风格之后有一段时间不是太容易被观众接纳,到晚期开始做更加实验一些的,可能大部分观众就更匪夷所思了。对于我个人去年出版的新专辑这种bossa nova风格的,不喜欢摇滚的人都很喜欢觉得比挂盒好更容易听,也有更喜欢摇滚一些的还是以前挂盒感觉的,反应不一样。
NF: 你很早已经是个名人 – 很年轻已经在Newseek的封面,你现在主要是想达到哪些目的?
G: 玩音乐,享受生活,做一些从来没有过的常识,音乐上或是艺术上。从零开始,杀死以前的自己,创造新的并叠加着历史。
NF: 我觉得你穿的好可爱,但是你的音乐一般不能叫可爱。你怎么解释这个矛盾(确实有矛盾吗)?
G: 问题就在这,这是一个认识问题,我并不觉得我得穿着是可爱的。我也不觉得我的音乐完全不可爱。
NF: 除了歌星以外,你也是个style icon。 在穿着(style)方面,你觉得这10年北京有哪些最明显的变化?
G: 最大的变化是以前大部分年轻人很愚昧,在时尚方面没有直觉也不敢打扮,而现在年轻人敢了,但是有的过头了,胡打扮。最可笑的是整容风,螳螂脸真的很好看吗?
NF: 在穿着方面有没有什么建议想给北京女孩?
NF: 你在北京最喜欢哪几个商店,餐厅,酒吧,画廊,等等?
G: 白兔,灯笼,d-lounge

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