Only the Lonely

mandy_  Only the Lonely mandy 21

Milk@Coffee lead singer Kiki, last mentioned here for designing a dress, is very accomplished. She has come out with several albums and now even a book about herself. Her style of music is rather cheerful and poppy, but seems to deal with the subjects of loneliness and being by herself – one of her biggest hits is called “Accustomed to Loneliness”. Something about her that doesn’t meet the eye must be repelling everyone.

牛奶咖啡组合的主唱 KiKi(富妍) 是个活泼漂亮,多才多艺,自信而且有品位的女孩。她不仅出过好几张专辑,而且最近还出了一本关于自己的书。我想问她为什么她的第二张专辑要叫《越长大,越孤单》,还有她最流行的一个作品要叫《习惯了寂寞》。是不是所有的中国pop都必须有这样浪漫的名字?

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