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More from Meridian

More from Meridian More from Meridian queenie11

Many of my pals, like Queenie, were at the Meridian party. It’s nice that I often get to take care of the invitation lists for events. I took most of the photos in an empty room to the side of the main venue space. Right north of the art museum in Dongcheng District, this would be a great space for fashion events.

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At Meridian Party

At Meridian Party At Meridian Party fangfang1

I cannot believe that it has already been four years since I first met Fanfan when she walking down Nanluoguxiang in full Dongzu garb. It’s amazing to think how much has changed.

She and I were attending the launch party of Meridian, an event intended to introduce this new organization to the Beijing creative community and to celebrate the publication of their first illustrated children’s books.

Breathless in Beijing

Breathless in Beijing Breathless in Beijing stripe web 1 of 11
Photo and words: Suzy

Maybe it’s the gamine haircut, the striped dress, or the smile, but she really reminds me of Jean Seberg in Breathless. The timeless and jaunty style of Godard’s first feature film comes to Jam Bar. Wang Xiaolv is also one of the two chatting hipstresses in this photo.

Home of the Free

American flag T-shirt Home of the Free Home of the Free America4501
Photo & Text: Steven

Today commemorates the birth of the American nation and the one day set aside each year where overt displays of patriotism are not only welcomed, but encouraged. On this day the American flag T-shirt paired with cornflower blue trousers and bright white sandals—what I imagine Uncle Sam would wear on summer vacation—would not be in minority among the crowds of flag-waving parade goers.

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