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Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell Jason Campbell DSCN18471

Jason Campbell is the founder of JC Report and thus one of the pioneers in online fashion media – he has been doing trend-watching and styling sites since 1993. Now he is in Beijing to style celebrities and high net-worth individuals. Jason is sure to be one of the most interesting figures on the Beijing fashion scene.

More From A+

More From A+ P10506781

Sorry for the delay in getting these photos up. I know the event was last week, but the exhibition is still on at Lane Crawford.

Above are make-up artist Tupper Bai and his friend, a fashion photographer.

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Mega Glamour

Mega Glamour P10507771

Among the collaborative projects at the Lane Crawford and Modern Weekly ‘A Plus’ exhibition was a pop-up photo studio by designer Xander Zhou and photographer Trunk Xu. Here is Mega Mengmeng being photographed. Xander Zhou and Trunk Xu collaborated before on the famous Gay China issue of Hong Huang’s Ilook magazine. Here are photos from that issue.




A Plus Student

A Plus Student P10506291

Former Hang on the Box frontwoman Gia (Wang Yue) is working on a tee-shirt brand called Bad Taste (more from the Global Times).

She was at the launch of Lane Crawford and Modern Weekly‘s ‘A Plus’ exhibition, which features collaborations between China’s fashion designers and international artists.

Flea Marketer

Flea Marketer P105020311

Yesterday, despite the strong winds, a horde of hip retro kids migrated to northeastern Beijing for a vintage flea market. The setting was the yard around 2 Kolegas, one of the city’s best known rock bars located in a former drive-in movie theater that never made it commercially.

Charmmy is fashion design student who also sells vintage clothes at markets like this and on Taobao shops for men and women.

Not Driving

Not Driving P10301771

Also at the ColorsTransport event was Gene Ku Chien is Editor-in-Chief of ppaper, a fashion and lifestyle publication based in Taipei. Gene takes a subway to work most days, though late at night he cabs. With no car, bike, or motorbike, he finds driving unappealing. Cutting down on emissions was not the initial goal, though it is a welcome benefit.

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More from Initial Fashion

More from Initial Fashion P10209511

Cola first appeared on Stylites four years ago – in fact he was one of the earliest people to appear on this blog. At that time he was working in a little shop in 3.3 that sold some rather interesting menswear. Now, he is one of the owners of the first Initial Fashion boutique that just opened on Nanluoguxiang.

I commented that it was a surprising location for a fashion brand like Initial given the somewhat down-market or touristy nature of much of the other retail on this famous lane. Cola responded that they wanted to be in a place redolent of Beijing’s traditional culture in keeping with the design of this specific shop. The theme of the next Beijing shop, which will be at Joy City mall in Xidan, will reflect that location. Aside from the Beijing outlet, the brand has five shops in Shanghai, each with a different theme.

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