Teddy Pendant at Uniqlo – 小熊吊坠在优衣库

teddy-boy  Teddy Pendant at Uniqlo - 小熊吊坠在优衣库 teddy boy1

I ran into Jesse Chen, an IT salesman, at the first Beijing Uniqlo on its first day of business. He and his friends made several purchases and felt quite positive about this new shop at Xidan. Likening Uniqlo to Ikea, he commented that the quality seemed better than Zara, while the prices are significantly lower. As for domestic competitors, Baleno and some others might qualify, but he felt that no Chinese apparel retailer possesses the same ability to create a “culture” around its brand.


teddy  Teddy Pendant at Uniqlo - 小熊吊坠在优衣库 teddy1

His cute teddy bear pendant reveals that even as a grown man he retains a small child’s spirit.


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