A Well-Dressed Man

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It’s rare that I encounter men looking halfway decent in suits here. This is too bad for me because several men’s magazines – including China’s GQ that is supposed to start in 2009 – have asked me to take photos of a more sartorial nature. The fact is that I am finding this request extremely challenging. I barely ever see men who look good in anywhere close to a traditional way. Perhaps I go to the wrong places. Hanging out in office towers is not my idea of a fun afternoon. Even when I do go the World Trade Center or other places with a good supply of white collars, I tend to be reminded that suits are just not part of China’s heritage. Perhaps they are also associated with migrant laborers or doughty employees of state-owned companies. Young men are not accustomed to seeing professionals looking good in well-fitting formal businesswear, and locals rarely make use of the local tailors the way this Japanese PR executive has done.

Let me just clarify: This suit is not from Senli and Frye. If it were, you could expect a better fit.

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