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Beijing has quite a few fashion parties, although the number seems to have decreased since the downturn. Attendees like to dress in the most attention-grabbing fashion possible. Stylites attends when possible and documents the eye candy.

Cardinal Moments at Dior

Cardinal Moments at Dior Cardinal Moments at Dior IMG 64391
Photos: Penn

It was almost as if he was there to exorcise the demons that were raised during the Dior show, with its occult and militaristic references. I did not get to find out why this young man decided on an outfit that suggested the scarlet cassocks cardinals of the Roman Catholic church though he skipped the hat.

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Dior at CAFA

Dior at CAFA Dior at CAFA IMG 63741
Photos: Penn

Dior Homme staged its first-ever fashion show outside of France on Thursday at the Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA) in Northeastern Beijing. Long-loved by local fashionisatas, this was the most eagerly-awaited event of the year, up till now. Purportedly, other brands even changed the timing for their events to avoid being lost in the media excitement surrounding this event. Etro was supposedly to be staging a major fashion show at CAFA this year, which now not going to be on until 2014.

Designer Kris van Assche gave adoring audiences a line-up of black, midnight blue and white that was well-received, as expected, though some commented that Prada had done this years ago. My own critique, if you can call it that, was more related to the sinister, dystopian feeling of the show. My immediate feeling at the end was that I just seen an army of futuristic stormtroopers from a conformist perfect society in a controlled by technocrats well-versed in the occult. The triangles within a circle made me think of the all-seeing eye on the US dollar, and van Assche said it was a reference to men’s societies at institutions like Harvard. Others spectators seemed to agree that there was a certain feeling of the National Socialists.

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Beijing’s Most Stylish Restaurant Opening

The grand opening of Mesa on March First will be Beijing’s first dazzling party in the Year of the Snake (sorry Dior!). In addition to free flow wine, cocktails, beer, tapas and desserts, the event features a live jazz performance by Phillipe Mege and a charity auction with proceeds going to Free Lunch for Children. Bidding is on items donated by the Four Seasons Beijing, D-Sata, the Chair Man, and others local designers, wine distributors, and retail outlets.

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Stylites at No More Mono

Stylites Partner Suzy will have photos on display at a event called No More Mono. It will be a great chance to see photos from this blog in printed form. Mono is short for Monoculture. More information here, from Douban.

The opening aperitif is tomorrow (Friday, Feb 22) at 19:00 in the LD Design Center (东四十条94号 ). Tasty, locally produced and “as organic as possible” food from Laura Fanelli’s ‘The Veggie Table’ will be served as well as one of the only very good cheeses made in Beijing by Yang Liu’s ‘Le Fromager de Pékin’.

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Jason Campbell

Jason Campbell Jason Campbell DSCN18471

Jason Campbell is the founder of JC Report and thus one of the pioneers in online fashion media – he has been doing trend-watching and styling sites since 1993. Now he is in Beijing to style celebrities and high net-worth individuals. Jason is sure to be one of the most interesting figures on the Beijing fashion scene.

FNO x Stylites

FNO x Stylites FNO x Stylites FNO 0 web 1 of 11
Photos & Text : Suzy

Lane Crawford invited Stylites for a colaboration on to their 2012 celebration of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. Here is a little preview of a truly fashionable and fun night! More pictures are coming soon.