Dior Homme Rocker

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A real man of the “backstreet” getting a start on summer styles with a little ventilation around the waist, Chen Dong, originally from Xinjiang, is the singer for the band DEFY. He describes his style as rockability and enjoys all fashion items that evoke the ‘60s London. His blazer is Dior Homme and he bought on Taobao, China’s leading online consumer site. His jeans and shoes are also Dior Homme from Taobao. Mr. Chen admits that all of these items are counterfeit, but says he does not have nearly enough money to buy the real thing. He would be willing to purchase second-hand jeans and leather products, including boots, since items used to be higher quality.

一个真正的从“后街”来的男人已经提早开始为夏日风格做准备—给腰部通通风。陈栋的老家在新疆,是乐队的歌手。他用rockability来形容自己的风格,喜欢所有60年代的伦敦时尚风格。他穿的Dior Homme西服是在淘宝上买的。淘宝是中国最大的个人网上交易社区。他的牛仔裤和鞋子也是的,同样是从淘宝上买的。他承认这些东西都是盗版的,但他没钱买正版的。他愿意买二手的牛仔裤和皮具,包括牛仔裤,因为以前生产的东西质量更好

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