Lady High Schooler

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Korean youngsters are fond of this type of ladylike style. I approve. In Beijing for six months so far, Korean Choi Ahrang attends international high school. Recently, we have seen more high schoolers: one from Austria and others from Beijing. Beijing boasts a wide selection of shops offering style from Korea, both of this more “youth elegance” type and of the more streetwear variety. Last year, I profiled a young lady who owns a boutique specializing in this type of Korean fashion as well as her employee. Prior to this, there has only been one actual Korean on Stylites.

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Except on the weekend, it’s pretty hard to find Chinese high school students outside of those horrible nylon uniforms that look like something that might be favored by Jersey mafiosas. Still, they do find ways to be a bit rebellious, usually with shoes. Until very recently, if a Chinese student dressed and made-up like the Korean one above and had her hair permed, they would probably be told off by the teacher and grounded by their parents. It would be taken as indisputable proof that they were pursuing relations the opposite sex.

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