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Artist Andy Mo works in a Spanish art gallery but is something of an Anglophile (check his website). Painting since he was a young boy, he graduated from Hangzhou’s China Academy of Art in 2007. He has now been in Beijing for two years and now works in a 798 gallery called Iberia Center for Contemporary Art. A major hobby for Andy is horseback riding, which he does regularly outside of Beijing. His favorite types of horses are the Spanish “warm-blood horse” and pure breeds from England. Though he hasn’t made it to London, but he really likes the spirit and style of the English capital, though unlike many Beijingers it is not because of punk or rock music.

很少见到我真的很想模仿的穿法。他的风格低调但是很特别,时尚且经典,在传统的基础上又加入了很多他个人的想法。他叫吴建安,小名“竹子”英文名叫Andy Mo(他的个人网站)。2007年毕业于杭州中国美术学院。从小开始学绘画。现在主要是以木炭在纸本上创作。来北京2年多了,现工作于798一家来自西班牙艺术机构”伊比利亚当代艺术中心”。 业余时间经常去骑马,是个恋马狂!他喜欢西班牙的温血马和英国纯血。他没有去过伦敦,但喜欢这个城市的气质。不同与这个时代大部分的年轻人,他不喜欢摇滚或者朋克,喜欢安静和让人沉思的音乐。他喜欢TOP GEAR(由BBC制作的世界顶级汽车节目). 他也喜欢逛stylites.net和www.lastnightsparty.com等时尚网站。

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Andy got this leather bag from a friend by trading for a painting. 这个皮包是拿画和朋友交换的.

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He attended an event called “I love arts London” but later removed the word “arts” from the pin. 参加一个伦敦艺术学院的年对派对他们印的是” I LOVE ARTS LONDON” 然后把ARTS刮掉了.

Thanks to Andy for helping edit my Chinese.

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