Men’s Look of the Moment

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Many men go for this sort of look. It covers all the bases at this particular moment. We’ve got the slim black jeans and the peak lapel “fashion coat” that isn’t a suit jacket but also isn’t a conventional sport coat. There is the slim, black tie, loosened. Then, most important, is the waistcoat, beloved piece for this generation of young urbanites in Beijing and beyond. Oh, and of course the Converses. Those could be on any one, but they make this fellow more approachable. All things considered, the look succeeds. All of the men I see on the subway should imitate this.

Zhao WeiLin (赵伟霖), Marketing Dept of Citizen Watch (China), says his preference is for “the Anglo look” or “gentlemanly with a penchant for slightly more fashionable and quirky details”.

Photo: Anne Li

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