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Street fashion from the area around Wangfujing, including Dongdan, Dongsi, Oriental Plaza, and Longfusi Walking Street as well as the more distant Qianmen. Stylish young people frequent Oriental Plaza and a higher spending set can be found at the Qianmen’s Legation Quarter. Wangfujing is filled with a rowdy bunch of peasants.

Men’s Leon Photo Shoot

Men's Leon Photo Shoot Men's Leon Photo Shoot DSCN16831

I dropped by a photo shoot by Leon magazine focusing on men’s black tie & evening wear at Capital M, which has one of the best views of any Beijing restaurant. Leon, the original edition of which is from Japan, provides almost painstaking comprehensive advice on how to be a well-dressed gentleman.

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At Capital M

At Capital M At Capital M DSCN17041

Here are Allen Xie and his colleague Kieran Wang on the patio of Capital M.

Allen Xie is the founder of a Allen and Co., a super stylish bespoke business that offers suits only in Allen’s signature style, which is somewhat like Tom Ford – with wide lapels and super slim waists, but cut in such a way that flatters the Chinese physique. Allen also works with local producers to create unique fabrics like the blue one he is wearing.

The brand started in Shanghai and now Allen is opening his first workshop in Beijing, which will be headed up by Kieran.

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A Real Dashilar Resident

A Real Dashilar Resident P10401731

“Real” only in the sense that she actually lives there now. This young lady who goes by the name Moon-D on Weibo is neither a typical nor a long-term resident of Dashilar. Only in Beijing for about two years, she moved into the historic neighborhood a few months ago, attracted by the central location, vert low rent (around USD 100 a month – though her place lacks a private bathroom and kitchen), and attractive environment. Part of a rock band, she describes herself as one of the few “artsy” people living in the area. She also says Design Week was probably the first hip, cultural event to take place there.


At Dashilar

At Dashilar hao yinan factory web2
Photos: Suzy

Dashilar has been an important place at several points in Beijing’s history. For most of the last decade, it has been mainly a tourist mecca with few redeeming qualities beyond the historic architecture and degree of density and walkability rarely found in Chinese cities. Now, Beijing Design Week is giving the area a new chance to be a bit more interesting. The weeklong-event has two major venues, the 751 former industrial complex near the art district at 798 and the alleyways around the Western end of Dashilar. Dashilar is by far the less predictable location. Former shops, small factories, workshops and other, now often charmingly dilapidated, are being used for a wide range of installations, exhibits and pop-up shops.


Above is one of the guests at the opening party for Dashilar, who appeared in Styliteshere.

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This Afternoon: Head to Dashilar

This Afternoon: Head to Dashilar IMG 8923
Photo: Wuhao

Today (9/24) is filled with openings and parties related to Beijing Design Week. These events will center around the revitalized hutongs around Dashilar, nearby Qianmen (click “more” to see a map). The moment symbolizes China’s graduation from mere manufacturer to creator of original products. According to the Design Week Creative Director Aric Chen, the week will do far more than showcase designers and their work, but will also catalyse overall development of design for China and inspire a revitalization of neighborhoods within Beijing. More information on Design Week and Dashilar here.

One part of that might come in the form of the pop-up shops a number of local shops are opening in the Dashilar area. Beijing’s answer to Colette, Wuhao, will be opening its pop-up, called the Teahouse, from 2pm today.

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Pattern Perfect

Pattern Perfect leopard loafer web1
Photos&Text: Suzy

Everyday Beijing streetstyle is almost always about mixing patterns. This daring combination unites a colour-splashed sportcoat with leather pants and leopard loafers. Add a bow-tie and a large pattern shirt, this outfit is sure to garner attention.

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