Pattern Perfect

Pattern Perfect leopard loafer web1
Photos&Text: Suzy

Everyday Beijing streetstyle is almost always about mixing patterns. This daring combination unites a colour-splashed sportcoat with leather pants and leopard loafers. Add a bow-tie and a large pattern shirt, this outfit is sure to garner attention.

Pattern Perfect hao yinan web1

I admire how event manager Hao Yinan combines her polka dot comme des garcons-ish blouse with checked jeans. Only few people could pull off this ensemble, paired with great hair and shiny shoes, it is true expression of personal style.

Pattern Perfect IMG 18372
Photo: Greg

A rather nice dress.

Pattern Perfect IMG 18341
Photo: Greg

And this particular photo has gone viral on Weibo. People are amused, disgusted, and impressed by this young lady.

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