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Time to Bike

Time to Bike P10302371

While at the Colors Magazine Transport event, I asked some guests how they get around.

Shanghai-based Psydee Yang, who works in advertising, just bought a new Forever bike in deep purple. Now that the weather is cooler, she is hoping to ride it to work more often.

The commute: Subway takes 20 minutes, bus 15, walking 30 and bike 15.


Partying White Collars

Partying White Collars prada pair upper
Photos and Text:Suzy

They are wearing IZZUE Studio (suit and jacket). One works in a bank and the other in a consulting agency. Even though buying international designer clothes in China might be more expensive, they are willing to make the effort to feel pretty.

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Urban Snowboarder市里的单板滑雪者

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Photos: Suzy

Of course there are several popular styles that rarely make it on to Stylites. Trendy sporty clothing like this is all over the place here in Beijing.

<!--:en-->Urban Snowboarder<!--:--><!--:zh-->市里的单板滑雪者<!--:--> aneas ying total1
Photos: Suzy


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Armani HomemakerArmani 家

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Naturally in an Armani suit, Charlie Lan is country manager for Armani Casa in China. He just received an award at the Casa awards on Friday.

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在居住优秀设计奖酒会碰到蓝青,Armani Casa中国区经理。他穿的是Armani西服。那天他获奖了。

Lane Crawford: The Gents

Lane Crawford: The Gents P1050515

Lane Crawford’s Winter Soiree brought out the most happening fellows in town for Moët and pop-up shops.

This top is made by a Beijing tailor out of fabric purchased in India.



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An Aura of Éclat

An Aura of Éclat IMG 51302

I always wish for managers of hotels, bars, and restaurants to have a certain glamour and something approaching a distinct personal style. Joe Ho and Francois Vanvi (above) are the only two hotel general managers I have encountered here in Beijing who look a bit like the hotel GM of my dreams. Francois was born in Paris and grew up there and in Hong Kong. He has been in Beijing for several years and is about to take over the opening of a new boutique property, the Hotel Éclat Beijing, in that new triangular structure called ParkView Green. Recently, I asked Francois a few questions about style and being a GM.

Francois Vanvi原来在北京千禧酒店,马上就要当新开的北京侨福芳草地里面的Éclat精品酒店的总经理。Francois是法国跟中国的混血,在巴黎出生长大但在香港生活了很长时间。他在北京有五年了。

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Mei Ping

Mei Ping vogue two 11

From Australia, Mei Ping Doery is International Business Development Manager at NC STYLE, here in Beijing. I recently had a chat with her.
NF: What brought you into the fashion world? Is your life more now glamorous?
澳洲人Mei Ping是NC STYLE的国际业务发展经理的。我最近跟她聊了一会。
NF: 你为什么进入了时尚行业?进入了后你的生活更有魅力吗?

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Managing not to Conform

Managing not to Conform Joe Ho General Manager of the Grand Millenium Beijing 1 of 12

Think “Hotel General Manager” and the image of Joe Ho probably won’t come to mind. In Beijing, most general managers of international brand five star hotels are plump European men invariably wearing a boring black suit and sometimes even square toed loafers. The more stylish ones might don an Hermès tie, gifted by the wife. Most surprisingly, Joe is the GM of the Grand Millennium Fortune Plaza Apartments rather than the chicest boutique hotel in town.

Joe Ho,日文名须古家航,中文名何家航,现任北京财富中心千禧公寓总经理,中日混血,早年在美国成长,从事酒店业工作30多年,非常喜好时尚,有设计师般敏锐的流行感知。

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A Beautiful Theory

A Beautiful Theory Jessica Harkiewicz Theory Opposite House 31

She’s a fan of The Opposite House. A Taiwanese, Polish, Irish mix born in Taipei, Jessica has lived in Germany, South Korea, England, Hong Kong, LA, Boston, and Shanghai. She first came to Shanghai in 2003 as an intern at a luxury hotel. In 2009, she became the main PR for Theory. I asked her a few questions about style and living in China.

Jessica Harkiewicz是个汉族,波兰,爱尔兰的混血。她在台北出生,在 德国,韩国,英国,香港,美国,上海都生活过。她是时尚品牌Theory在中国的公关。她2003年来到上海,现在经常来北京出差。

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