Queen of City Life

green dress  Queen of City Life green dress21

What a rebellious outfit! I was pleased to encounter charming but irreverent Shanghaier Ding Ying (丁颖)the other day, after not seeing her for almost two years. She was the first editor from a major publication to profile me, not so long after Stylites started. Over a year after my profile appeared in the City Life section of Modern Weekly, Ding Ying suggested to her colleague Chen Pu that I might write a weekly column for them. I am especially proud of this, the only column that I write in Chinese.

After seven years at Modern Weekly, she is moving on next month to be features editor at a big fashion magazine. Maybe she will be the next Chinese female editor compared to Anna Wintour.

Funny that when googling, the first pic of her is with someone else who has been on Stylites.

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