Stylist from Stockholm来则瑞典的造型师

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From Sweden, Mikaela Edri has been in Beijing since March as a fashion stylist and partner at Chalk Consultancy. I asked her a few questions, which you can see below.

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27岁的我来自瑞典的Mikaela Edri今年三月来到北京。她是Chalk Consultancy这家咨询公司的时装造型师和合伙人。

NF: Why fashion?

ME: I have always been interested in creating things. Wanting to work with fashion photo productions – with the beauty and creativity it involves, I went to Milan to study fashion.

NF: Is Stockholm glamorous? Compare Stockholm and Beijing.

ME: Stockholm has a glamourous side but descriptions such as “close to nature” and “design-oriented” are more appropriate. The two cities are immensely different, one huge and imbued with Eastern culture, the other small and Scandinavian. Some things bind them together: the music scenes and the young fashion scenes and big interest in fashion with many upcoming brands.

NF: What challenges do you face developing as a stylist here?

ME: The first few months was a transitional period, getting familiar with things here, but I feel Beijing offers a lot of opportunities with a growing fashion community. It’s always great meeting the design crowd here.

NF: Any style advice for Beijing girls or guys?

ME: It’s nice to see people experimenting and adding an individual touch. It makes the city a nice place for people-watching and inspiration. The interest in fashion is increasing and it shows on the streets.

NF: What are your favorite luxury and fashion brands? Any Chinese designers?

ME: Prada is a favourite, so is Swedish Acne. Since I got here I have also discovered interesting Chinese designers like Vega Wang and London based Masha Ma.

NF: What are your favorite areas, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, galleries, etc. in Beijing?

ME: Café Alba is a beloved spot where I enjoy the apple tart and long conversations, as is Triple-Major. Trends Lounge for days when you need inspiration, always leave with fresh ideas after browsing through their assortment of design and fashion books. And Apothecary for great drinks!

NF: 是什么让你进入了时尚圈?它有没有让你的生活变得更光鲜?

ME: 我一直热衷于创造新的事物,这个爱好最终把我引入了这个圈子。


NF: 斯德哥尔摩和北京比哪个更有魅力呢?两者又存在哪些不同?


NF: 最为一个造型师,你在职业上面对过哪些挑战?

ME: 适应新环境是一个挑战。来北京的头几个月是一个过渡期,这里和欧洲办事方法很不一样,我需要逐渐熟悉。我觉得北京能为成长中时尚人士提供很多机会,在这和设计圈接触很棒。

NF: 能给北京的男生女生提些着装建议吗?你觉得首都的着装风格有没有进步?有没有一些具体的材料和颜色国人需要避免的?

ME: 看到许多人不仅勇于挑战的同时还能加入个人风格,看到这些风格让我欣喜。这些创意永远是受欢迎的,因为它不仅养眼,还让整个城市变得富有灵感。一个城市对时尚兴趣从街边体现的出来。

NF: 你喜欢哪些奢侈品牌或者名牌?有没有喜欢的中国设计师?

ME: Prada是我最爱之一,瑞典的Acne是另外一个。来中国后我也发现了一些中国设计师,比如Vega Wang和在伦敦经营Masha Ma。

NF: 在北京你钟情哪些区域,说说酒店,餐厅,酒吧,商店,画廊这样的地方吧。

ME: Café Alba是我喜爱的地方,我时不时地在那里享受一块苹果挞和一段长谈。Triple-Major一个新店,里面有来自世界各地的设计品牌。Trends Lounge是一个适合白天去的吧,尤其是你需要灵感的时候,他们存放的时装设计图书,让你脑里充满新鲜点子。最后,去Apothecary小酌很不错!

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